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We are working diligently to meet the needs and demands of our clients and future clients. We anticipate an influx of business purpose loans to help affected business, so we have increased our funds to meet these demands.

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Customized Credit Repair

We can legally DELETE OR BLOCK anything on a credit report within 60-90 days in some cases even sooner.

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Did you know that more than 500,000 Americans declare bankruptcy each year? While unfortunate, it’s helpful to know that you are not alone when it comes to dealing with a bankruptcy. Even after your bankruptcy is discharged, there is the aftermath to contend with as well; namely, repairing your credit.

Dispute Credit Report

The law allows people who are unfairly labeled as having bad credit to dispute any of the questionable items in their credit reports with the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Legally dispute negative items on credit reports.

Child Support

Child support arrears remain on your credit report for up to seven years, unless you make a deal with the child support enforcement agency. An agency may agree not to report negative information to the credit reporting agencies if you pay some or all of the overdue support.

Credit Pulse Collections Icor
Collection accounts stay on the credit report for seven years from the original delinquency date of the original debt, or the date of the first missed payment after which the account was no longer brought current. You may see both the collection account and the account with your original creditor on the credit report.
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Credit Repair

How do I improve my credit score?” is the first question most of us ask when we’ve been turned down for a credit card or loan. And rightly so: An average to below-average credit score (720 or lower) can keep you from getting credit.


According to FICO, if your credit score is 680, a foreclosure will drop your credit score on average by 85 to 105 points. If your credit score is excellent at 780, a foreclosure will drop your score by 140 to 160 points. … Foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu: 85 to 160.


Although judgments can only remain on credit reports for seven years from the filing date, it doesn’t mean they’re simply going to go away at that time. In most jurisdictions a judgment creditor can have the judgment re-filed or “revived” before it expires, which varies state by state.

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Medical Bills
Unpaid medical bills can affect your credit scores. Typically, doctors and hospitals don’t report debts to credit report agencies. Rather, they turn their unpaid bills over to a debt collector and it is the collection agency that reports them.
Rental History
You can add 24 months of past rent payments to your credit report and build your credit history. The average time to see your results is 2 weeks.
We have had clients go from 300 to 699 in less than 30 days. Sign up today!!!

It is possible to have a repo removed from your credit report before the 7 years. … Another thing you can do is file a dispute with the credit bureaus. If the lender can’t verify that the repossession is valid or fails to answer the dispute within 30 days, then it can be removed from your credit report.

Student Loans

This site is for informational purposes only to help individuals better understand programs/strategies that may be available.

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Tax Liens

Many people with tax liens on their credit reports mistakenly believe that the IRS or the state tax authority has directly reported the lien to the credit bureaus. That is a myth. Rather, the credit bureaus themselves proactively seek out tax liens and other public records.

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Credit check

What You Can Expect

Credit Check- When you enroll in our program, we instantly pull your credit reports. We organize the data in a way that helps you identify items you want to challenge or change. This then helps us know exactly where to focus our efforts — and how to build a game plan to meet your personal goals and needs.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

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Business Credit



Get The Business Loans & Credit Lines You Want and Need, When You Need Them and Even when Banks Might Say “NO”. Credit Pulse helps you get approved for credit lines and loans to start and grow your company — even when banks say “NO”. Get the money you need when you need it, and enjoy great interest rates and low monthly payments through hundreds of lenders and investors.

At Credit Pulse, we work with all legitimate types of funding programs available today, offering funding through hundreds of investors and lenders through a multitude of different funding programs. This gives you the best opportunity to get the most amount of financing, at the best terms.


I thought I had no chance to restore my credit. Credit Pulse gave me a second chance regarding my credit. My score improved 50 points in 45 days.

Monica Gonzalez

Nurse, Nurse San Mateo, CA

Working with the Credit Pulse Staff, my credit score increased 100 points. I can now qualify for a home loan.

Martin Hatmaker

Nurse, Personal Trainer, Fresno, CA

Credit Pulse Staff are very professional and thorough. Thanks to Credit Pulse, I saved a lot of money on my car loan interest rate.

Jake Sampson

Real Estate Investor, Tacoma, WA

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Have the EXPERTS on your side. We negotiate directly with the credit companies assisting them with their obligations according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Then, we communicate directly with the credit bureaus to confirm that the appropriate changes have actually occurred.


We make it easy to stay connected to your progress as you reach your goals with powerful tools, including:

  • Personal Credit Dashboard
  • Credit Report Tracking
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Tradelines & Services

Track Results

Score improvement is more than just removing negative items on your report. Improving your credit is learning the credit reporting factors that lending institutions use to make credit determinations.

Items Needed

We make it easy to stay connected to your progress as you reach your goals with powerful tools, including:

  • Personal Credit Dashboard
  • Credit Report Tracking
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Tradelines & Services